Play IPTV M3U in VLC for Android, Windows PC and Mac 2019

If you want to learn how to run or load m3u lists in VLC IPTV, in this new article we will show all the necessary steps to configure iptv vlc list completely free.
Find here the best m3u lists for vlc with lots of free content. In this post we will show all the necessary steps to configure vlc iptv in the correct way, in the same way we will solve the errors or most common problems that can arise during the reproduction of lists such as the automatic change of IPTV in VLC .
The only recommendation is that you read all the steps carefully, all the doubts or suggestions you can leave in the comments.

How to Configure IPTV in VLC for any device

Enjoying any content in the m3u files on your VLC player from the comfort of your home using Smart TV, Windows PC or from your mobile device is very easy.
Currently m3u lists are the most used to view all VLC content totally free. The first thing we should do is download the program on any of our device. Do not miss this tutorial. Good luck!

Download VLC IPTV Android and Windows PC

This program is only compatible for devices with Android, Iphone and Computers with Windows and Mac. If you have your smart tv device with android or a TV Box or Fire TV device you can download this app that is very good for playing iptv lists.
To download the app for Android devices, you must do it from the official Google Play Store app store.
[appbox googleplay org.videolan.vlc]
Similarly for devices with iOS system such as Iphone and iPad, you must download from the official store.
[appbox appstore 650377962? mt]
For computers on Mac OS, Windows 7, 8, 10 and Linux systems, you must click on the following button to obtain a secure download.
Download VLC IPTV for PC

How to load m3 iptv lists in VLC Media Player

The next steps we will do from the computer version, are the same steps for all devices, you do not need to be an expert to see a vlc list.
  • Open the Media Player VLC Media player before installed.
  • Click on the Media option at the top of the navigation bar to access the file menu.
Add M3U lists in VLC Media Player
  • Click on the Open file option if the list is in m3u file or in the Open network transmission option, if the list is Remote.
How to load iptv lists in VLC with remote files
  • If you choose the Open network transmission option, you will find a blank box where the URL should be placed in the "URL" field.
  • Click on Play or Accept and then what will appear
load iptv vlc remote lists
  • Finally, just click on a channel in the left panel and then click on the arrow pointing to the “Right” at the bottom of the display screen, so that the programming starts playing.
play or run lists in vlc iptv
This is a very simple process both to be able to add a list in physical IPTV file in VLC, as it is in a remote list.
Occasionally problems often arise in the reproduction of some remote lists, which of course have a solution. All we have to do is convert the remote list to a m3u file. Do you want to know how to do it? Stay with us and keep reading.

How to convert an IPTV remote list to File for IPTV VLC Links

It is very easy to achieve and it is possible that many already know how to do it. It will not take much time and it will also be very helpful to be able to create this type of files with IPTV VLC lists or for any other program such as SS IPTV for Smart TV . We go step by step so that the whole process is much better understood.
  • You must first create a new text file.
  • We must search the web for a remote list that is in pastebin, then we must copy all the content that is included in the file to be able to paste it into the text file.
  • We will save the document and then we will edit the name. (This function will only work if the function to show exemption of files is already active on Android, Mac or Windows).
  • You must change the txt exemption to m3u and ready to do this you will already have a new m3u8 file to be able to play it in VLC IPTV or in any other app.
This is a way to be able to protect the remote lists of pastebin since in many occasions they are usually eliminated.

How to solve the automatic change of IPTV VLC m3u

This is one of the problems that most often happen and is a headache when a remote or physical list in VLC have an automatic change in the contents. Below we show the solution to this small problem.
  • If the links jump or change automatically from one channel to another every 20 or 30 seconds, you just have to double click on loop play until a point appears in the middle of this way they will stop jumping and you can solve the problem.
How to solve the automatic change in VLC IPTV with m3u channels

Automatic change solution with ts lists in VLC IPTV

Another very common problem is when remote lists are used where the content links are in ts termination and not in m3u. To solve the automatic change in ts format you must do the following.
  • The first thing you should do is try to perform the previous method and if this does not work the only thing you can do is change the list. But why?  Most of the time the lists in ts format are usually only "Demos" so that users are encouraged to hire the service. These files tend to be just a sample where you can only watch any specific channel for only 20 or 30 seconds.

Where to download m3u lists for VLC 2019

There are many websites and forums that provide this type of free files, of course you should know that they are mostly very helpful since premium links usually last very little.
If you want to acquire the best lists with a lot of updated content. Be sure to visit our home page where we show the best updated m3u lists .

How to update a Remote m3u list for VLC IPTV

How they will know the free lists only usually last about a week since, over time, these links usually stop working. We take care of changing these links and provide a new one that does work correctly and to obtain the new iptv VLC links you just have to do the following:
  • Step 1: Save this page in your Bookmarks (How favorite in your preferred browser).
  • Step 2: Enter every time the VLC iptv lists stop working.
  • Step 3: Copy any of the links and paste it to your VLC Media player either from your android or from your Windows or Mac computer.
We hope that this post about the best m3u remote lists for VLC IPTV Media player will be very helpful. Any questions or suggestions regarding the information, please do not forget to share this post with your friends or your social networks .