Perfect Player IPTV | Lists m3u apk, PC and Smart tv

If you are looking for a good application to be able to play any type of content for free, we show you Perfect Player IPTV , a free application. In this new article we show you the correct way to download and install Perfect Player apk on Android, Perfect Player Windows and Perfect Player Smart TV . You cannot miss this tutorial to learn how to configure and add m3u lists in this application in the correct way.
▷ Perfect Player IPTV | Lists m3u for Perfect Player apk, PC and Smart tv

How to configure Perfect Player on Any device

It is a very simple process that must be followed to install and learn to use this application in the right way.
The application is compatible for Android, but it can also be installed on different systems such as Windows PC or Mac, in the same way for Samsung Smart TV, LG, Sony and more.
If you want to learn how to configure Perfect player iptv and thus play m3u lists without problems anywhere or from the comfort of your home, you must follow all the instructions in this post.

Requirements to use Perfect Player IPTV on Android, Windows and Smart TV

These points are very important for the proper functioning of any application, it is recommended that you obtain all the necessary data to get the most out of Perfect Player IPTV.
  • An internet connection via Wi-Fi of 10 mb is always the right thing, so that any type of content can be reproduced without any problem.
  • The device where you want to install this app must have the Android system, if not, you will not be able to install this app.
  • In the case of Smart TV, knowing how to use the remote control correctly so that the process is much faster when downloading perfect player.
Well now that you have these small requirements that are very important to download pefect player on Smart TV and any other device, we continue.

How to add m3u lists in Perfect Player IPTV

One of the most important settings in this player is the way to add remote lists the right way.
We know that this application provides many more features, but if you find yourself in this post, it is to be able to learn and add the free lists with the best content correctly.
  • Download the application on any of the compatible devices and then install perfect player. We open the application and wait for the necessary time until it is in the initial part.
  1. In the initial screen, we will find a very simple interface, we will click on the gear icon of Settings.
configure perfect player
2. In configurations we find several options, which can be modified to suit the user, my advice is to leave as are  the configurations. In order to add a m3u list, you must click on the General option.
add list in perfect player
3. Within this section we find other options to add content, the one that interests us is the Playlist option ( URL or File Path) .
playback url perfect player iptv
4. In this new screen you must enter all the data in the list compatible with Perfect Player IPTV .
  • URL or file path: Add any url you find on the home page of this page.
  • Name: Optional the one you want.
  • Finally we press Accept and ready we will have a new remote list added without problems, ready to play.
install m3u lists in perfect iptv player
5. We return to the initial screen where the content list will appear, just select any of them and press OK to start playback.
play lists in perfect iptv player
It is very simple truth, you do not need to be an expert in the subject to be able to achieve it, you just have to follow all the necessary steps to achieve success.

Perfect Player IPTV is compatible with Chromecast

Chromecast is one of the functions that we always want to have in any application, it is very important to be able to transfer any type of content to our Smart TV.

Perfect Cast IPTV is an additional tool, from the same developers of Perfect Player, that allows you to connect your Android device to your Smart TV without problems, simply by being connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
[appbox googleplay com.niklabs.ppremote]

Where to find m3u lists for Perfect Player

Currently there are many pages including applications, where you can find playlists, you should know that all free lists only contain free content.