IPTV Roku - Play m3u lists with TV Cast Roku 2019

If you want to learn how to play m3u iptv lists on Roku  and stream videos, images and audios from your mobile phone or tablet to your Smart TV TV. Do not miss this tutorial in which we show you everything you need to be able to access any content on iptv on any roku totally free.
After the fall of the roku iptv player and m3u black player servers  , playing m3u lists has been a problem, but there is nothing to worry about, since we will share the most effective method to perform this maneuver.
You do not need to be an expert in the subject to be able to achieve it, you just need to read this article carefully, because this method will help you play m3u playlist in roku forever.

How to Play m3u lists on any Roku

This method is the official one and with which users currently use to reproduce a list of m3u links in roku. By performing these steps you will not have any problem to transmit any type of content to your roku device.
To be able to add , add or install a free iptv roku list we will need several essential requirements.

Requirements to Stream IPTV on Roku

These requirements will help to carry out the process, you must obtain them even if they seem like a waste of time. How you can realize this method is about connecting your Android phone or iPhone to your Roku device, through the Chormecast system.
  • You must have an internet connection 10 mb or more, this so that the reproduction of the contents is adequate.
  • Connect your mobile phone and your Roku to the same internet connection, it is recommended that it be Wifi. This point is the most important since otherwise you will not be able to transmit the m3u lists in roku.
  • Having the battery of your mobile device you want to use charged, this process usually discharges the device a bit fast.
  • Download an application called Web video cast to your mobile, it will help transmit everything that happens on the screen of your device to your Roku.
Web Video Cast Roku for Android
[appbox googleplay com.instantbits.cast.webvideo]
Download Web video cast from the official Android app store, to get the latest updated version of the app.
Web Video Cast Roku for iPhone
[appbox appstore 1400866497? mt]

How to add iptv lists on Roku using Web Video Caster

Now if you already have all the aforementioned data, you can perform the following process without any inconvenience. We are a few steps away from being able to watch any content on the screen of our Smart TV using roku.
  • We must open the Web Video Cast application that we previously installed and click on the option found in the upper left of its screen, to access the list of functions of the app. In this section we must select the IPTV option .
  • Then we will click again on the (+) sign in the upper right of the screen to add a new list.

Add lists iptv m3u TV Cast roku
add iptv lists in roku

  • On the next screen, you must enter IPTV Address which is the remote URL of the list you want to add, in the same way identify the list with a name and finally press Save.
  • When loading the list of the entered content, you must select or play the channel you wish to transmit to your Roku .

Lists m3u on web video caster roku
IPTV ROKU Web video caster roku

How to play iptv m3u lists on Roku

In the previous steps we enter a remote list to the application, now we will share or transmit these links to Roku.
  • Open any TV channel, then a pop-up window will appear with several options, the one that interests us is the CONNECT option .
  • Within this function connect we must select the type of device with which we want to connect. In our case we look for the ROKU device and select it.

Connect Web video Caster on Roku
Web Video Caster on Roku iptv

  • Finally, the application will start searching for nearby roku devices. Once you find it, we select it and ready the channel will already be transmitting to your device without problems.
Remember that both roku and web video caster devices must always be connected to the same Wi-Fi connection to work properly.

How to play iptv m3u lists on roku
play roku iptv lists for free

This method is the most effective, and once the app is connected to your roku device, you can see all the content in the easiest way.

How to Update a Free IPTV Roku Lists

It is possible that when the servers that are in the free list stop working, and in order to continue enjoying the best content using Web Video Cast and Roku it is necessary to update the m3u list.

To update these links you just have to follow the following instructions to continue enjoying all the content.
  • Step 1: Save this page in your Bookmarks (As favorite in your preferred browser).
  • Step 2: Enter the free m3u lists section when it stops working.
  • Step 3: Copy and paste any of the links in the IPTV section in Web Video Cast Roku and you're ready to play the free content.

Free IPTV lists for Roku 2019

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