Install SSiPTV on Samsung, LG and Sony 2019 Smart TV

Configure ss iptv to play lists with the best contents is what we are going to show in this post, all the information necessary to download ssiptv, install ss iptv by usb and configure ssiptv on any smart tv whether Samsung, Sony, LG, Hidense, Panasonic or from Android, iPhone and similarly from PC Windows and Mac computers.
Today there are many applications that allow you to play ss iptv lists for free , but not all of them are compatible with the aforementioned devices. Simple smart iptv  is a favorite to enjoy any content.

If you can't find a way to install ssiptv on your device, let me tell you that you are on the best page that will help you solve this problem. Discover everything you need to know and do. Let's go for it!

How to Configure SS IPTV for any device

To get the most out of this application on any device, we will show all the necessary information and the most effective methods that currently exist.
You want to add the best free m3u lists in this application, do not miss any of the indications that are compatible for all devices.

Download ss iptv for any Smart TV

This program can be found in the official app store for the different devices. Installing this application is so simple that you just have to enter the name of the application in the app store of your Smart TV, install it will be ready to configure it.
Each television has a different system, the download process may vary with respect to the series of brands. As is the case with the Samsung brand of series 6, 7, 5, a, j and s.

Requirements to install SSIPTV on Smart tv

It is necessary to acquire several important points to succeed in downloading and installing this application on any of the smart TVs.
  • The most indispensable requirement is that you have a smart Smart TV LG, Sony, Samsung, Hidense, Panasonic etc.
  • To get the most out of all the features of this application, you need a high-speed Internet connection. It is recommended to have a coverage of 10 mb or more.
  • Know the functions of the remote control you are using correctly so that the process is not so difficult.
Well if you already have the aforementioned, you are ready to install ssiptv on smart tv without any problem.

How to install ss iptv on Samsung with Tizen OS

SS IPTV for Samsung is no longer in the official app store, but you should not worry because just following the instructions of any of these videos, you can  install SSIPTV on Samsung Smart TV 2019 .

How to install SS IPTV Samsung Series 4, 5, 6, and 7

This video shows all the steps to be able to install ssiptv on any Samsung brand series, the video is highly recommended to many users and it has worked perfectly.

How to install SS IPTV on LG Smart TV and Sony Bravia

For any model and brand of Smart TV Sony, LG, Hidense and Panasonic, you can find and install ssiptv without any problem from the official app store.
You can watch the following video where all the steps are detailed and how to configure ssiptv for LG Smart TV and Sony in the correct way. Do you want to add a free list? You can not stop watching this video.

SSIPTV for Windows PC and Mac

A compatible version for computers, you can not find, it is unfortunate that this application is not directly compatible with a computer. We hope that the developers will soon release a PC version.
There is no compatible version but we can install this application through an Android emulator. There are currently many emulators with android system that are compatible for Mac and Windows. Some of the most popular and prominent are:
  • Noxplayer
  • Bluestacks
Do you want to install ssiptv for pc? Install any of the emulators, enter the google play and download the app, as if from a cell phone. Simple truth!

SS IPTV apk for Android, TV Box and Amazon Fire TV Stick

For devices with android ss iptv apk, you can get it from the official Google Play app store, compatible and adaptable for mobile phones, tablets and any other device.
[appbox googleplay com.ssiptv.tvapp]
You can use this application to play any list of ss iptv and if you want to see the content on a screen send the content through Chormecast to your Smart TV, this if in any case you can not install this application on your TV.

What should I know about SS IPTV

How do you always have questions or doubts about these types of applications, we are here to help you solve any questions or problems that may arise.
Below we show the questions that users usually use this program to enjoy any content.


It is a media player, which specializes in being able to support any format, rated as one of the favorites. It is the best known and used for modern Smart TV televisions.
If your passion is to be able to access any type of content from the comfort of your home this tool is a great option with which you can not miss your favorite programs.

How ssiptv works and what it is for

SSIPTV app is used to play m3u lists from anywhere in the world, without any problem. You just have to have a compatible device.
In order to use this application in the correct manner, the following must be complied with:
  • You install ssiptv on any of the devices either Smart tv, Mobile phone tablet or on your computer.
  • To have a good internet connection, it is recommended that it be 10 mb in speed, in order to reproduce the content with the best possible quality.
  • Finally, a free ss iptv list must be added in order to play them in the app.

How to add an ss iptv list

Configuring ss iptv is very simple, as is the way to load or add m3u lists, in any of the videos found at the beginning of the post, the correct way to install new lists that work correctly is explained.
You do not need to be an expert to configure this program since it is not really necessary to configure anything, since the default app is ready to play any playlist.

Problems and Errors in SS IPTV

Does SSIPTV not load? Why does ssiptv restart? These are questions that can arise to anyone, the operation of this application will not always be perfect, but not imperfect, some of the most common mistakes are found here.
  • Error there are no objects to display
  • Error loading Remote content
  • Error cannot be reproduced
These errors usually occur when, the m3u lists are no longer functioning correctly, it is advisable to look for new updated m3u lists that you find on this page.
  • Ss iptv does not work
  • Ss iptv does not load
  • Bufering error
Other famous mistakes, which usually arise when you do not have a good internet connection. I am currently using a 10 mb speed connection and it is perfect, I recommend that you hire it.

Where to find lists for ss iptv

If all the information has been very helpful and now you have the application installed on your smart tv or mobile phone, you will need free m3u lists that will be running at 100%.
To obtain this type of links compatible with this app, you must go to SSIPTV Lists for free.