Simple Player IPTV on Android, Smart TV and PC 2019

Playing lists now is very easy, with Simple Player IPTV , a totally free application that allows you to load or add m3u lists, without problems. Currently there are many applications that can provide this service, some better than others of course, but without a doubt, configuring the IPTV player will be the best option.
You want to learn how to install and download this application for Android devices, do not miss this little tutorial to be able to use it correctly.
If you are looking for a good, stable application that is compatible with remote lists or physical files to enjoy your favorite sport or favorite program, this could be your best choice. Let's go for it.
▷ Install and Configure Simple Player IPTV on Android, Smart TV and PC

Set up Simple Player IPTV apk free

This is a player available totally free to be able to install on all devices that contain the android system. This means that it will not only be for cell phones, but also for Android Smart TV, Windows PCs and Macs that use emulators and of course the Caja TV Box and Amazon Fire TV Stick devices cannot be missing.
Setting up IPTV Player on Smart TV is very simple, you just need to follow the correct instructions in this tutorial so that in the end you can enjoy any content from the comfort of your home.

Requirements to Install IPTV Player on Smart TV, Android and PC

If you do not want problems to occur, you must follow all the instructions that are very necessary to be able to obtain success in the configuration.
  • To be able to add m3u lists in simple iptv player, it is necessary to have an internet connection via Wi-Fi of at least 10 mb, this so that the content is reproduced without problems.
  • We believe that if you find yourself in this tutorial, you already know the correct use of a m3u list, if not, you can visit M3U Playlists for free to know how these files work.
  • In the case of the Smart TV of the Samsung, LG and Sony Brands, it is necessary to have a TV Box or Fire tv device on hand to install the app.

Download Simple Player IPTV apk

You can get the free app from the following link, since if your device is android, it can be installed without problems. There is a paid version that does not include advertising, I recommend you use it.
[appbox googleplay]
If you already have the minimum requirements to install simple iptv player , then let's move on to the next step.

How to add m3u lists in Simple Player IPTV 2019

It is very simple to do it, you do not need to be an expert to be able to add or install remote lists in iptv player, following the instructions below will be successful.
  • Open the application from any of the android devices and click on the menu option in the upper left corner of your screen.
  • Find the option to Insert New Playlist  and click on it.
  • On the floating screen we must place a valid playlist, through remote URL.
  1. Add the list URL
  2. Playist Name (Optional)
  • Finally, press the Load PlayList  option and then the application will start the process and in less than 10 seconds, you will have full access to all the free content.
imple player iptv for android
It is very simple, if this little process is not clear to you, you can see the following video where all the steps are detailed.

Where to find m3u lists for IPTV Player

You can go to your legal provider and ask for a list so that the content can be reproduced through iptv or copy any of the free links with public content that we show on the home page, visit the updated iptv lists page .
  • You just have to copy any of the free and ready remote lists, you will have access to be able to enjoy any multimedia file from the comfort of your home.

Simple Player IPTV is compatible with Chromecast

This is one of the functions that we all look for, in applications of this type, it is unfortunate that this app does not yet have the support or is compatible with Chromecast.
We hope that a version with this function will come out soon since it is very good, we will be attentive to the new updates.

Download Simple Player IPTV pro without Advertising

IPTV Player available for Smart TV, Windows PC, Mac and Android mobile phones, has a version without advertising, we know that advertising is usually a bit annoying at times, but it is necessary for the maintenance of the app.
▷ Install and Configure Simple Player IPTV on Android, Smart TV and PC

  • To be able to purchase a premium or pro version of simple iptv player, you only have to make a small payment for it that is neither more nor less than $ 2.99.
  • The developers also show an alternative to remove the advertising and it is a short video that allows you to run out of advertising until the application is reopened.
The decision is in your hands, since this app provides many features and is compatible with many more video formats, both local or remote.

Simple Player IPTV apk for Android, Windows PC, Mac and Smart TV

We hope this tutorial is very helpful and you can continue enjoying any multimedia file, in a very complete player.
  • The application is only in APK format, if you want to install it on Smart tv Samsung, lg and sony you must have a tv box or fire tv, in the case of windows pc and mac, it is necessary to have an android emulator.
Any questions about the content, let him know in a comment, a greeting.