How to get M3U URL | Free IPTV Playlist 2019

how to get m3u url

How to get M3U URL

How to get M3U URL | Free IPTV Playlist 2019 | With the growing popularity of Android devices, more and more people search the Web for IPTV for free.

In today's post, we will quickly explain what IPTV and M3U files are, so you can search for them and connect them to your device.

What is IPTV?

IPTV also known as Internet Protocol Television.

Instead of transmitting content through pulses of fiber optic light or radio waves from a satellite, IPTV sends live TV through an Internet connection.

 Many IPTV services also use VOD (video on demand), which is a way to stream movies, TV shows, reproductions, etc.

 Through the same IPTV service. Simply put, a TV or satellite antenna is not necessary.

 You really only need an IPTV subscription to use an application and an Internet connection.

 There are several applications that you can use to run the subscription / m3u and we'll talk about it shortly.

What is an M3U file?

An M3U file does not really explain what is very good and for this reason users can get confused.

The M3U files are basically a URL, the URL will contain the iptv server address, as well as your username and password.

It can be used to connect the iptv subscription to different applications, the most popular is Smart IPTV.

But an M3U file is basically a URL that allows you to connect the IPTV to an application.

One thing to keep in mind is that it is now very rare to see distributed M3U files. 

It is very common now that the services have applications with all the details integrated, so you will simply receive a username and password.

IPTV is illegal

IPTV is beginning to be used by many different services, some legal and some illegal.

You will also notice the likes of Netflix, Amazon, etc. Who starts adopting this? Everything can depend on the copyright laws of your country and the licenses that the provider must distribute the content.

 With broadcasters charging up to £ 100pm for a TV package, people are starting to look for cheaper alternatives.

 Here you can find many services that do not have the correct licenses, therefore, the transmission of illegal content.

How to get the M3U URL

When you search for IPTV for free, you will most likely find a m3u format.

Therefore, there are two ways to search for iptv online for free (both will use Google search).

First, you can simply search IPTV for free, and the second would be free M3U lists.

It is likely that both searches show websites that provide the m3u url and you should look at them to see them.

When you visit a site, you will choose the country or list you want to try.

Copy the URL, then paste it into the application you want to view.
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