How to Setup IPTV M3U Playlist in Kodi - 2018

Setting up an IPTV player Kodi 17 and playlists in it

Setting up an IPTV player Kodi 17 and playlists in it

One of the most comfortable ways to watch IPTV television is Kodi. This is an open source software for smart devices on Android, thanks to which users can easily view a huge amount of content. The media player is suitable for a new technology in television, where the transmission of the video signal follows the same principle as the Internet. This IPTV technology is called, but to get access to it you need to configure Kodi IPTV.

The process of installing and configuring kodi is subject to everyone, you just have to find clear instructions and follow them implicitly. By the way, the instructions are not universal for each device, so if you have difficulties installing kodi on your computer or Smart TV, it's better to find a link for work for your device.

Preparing to configure

The preparatory stage is no less important than the work itself. This is due to the fact that we will have to download several programs that will help us in our work, and we do not have kodi himself.
  1. Determine which OS is on the device, and where the TV signal will go:
  • Personal computer based on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X;
  • Android set-top box or Android-based TV;
  • A smartphone, tablet or a Raspberry Pi card.
  1. We are looking for IPTV m3u playlist. This is a very crucial moment, which directly affects how much the channels will work and whether they will work at all. By the way, the format is also specified not accidentally, because kodi is working with him. A playlist is a text file with the specified links to broadcast channels. You can find it on our website.
You can download the playlist here: AutoUpdated-playlist
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  1. Choose which version of kodi is suitable for your device. Option 17 is still the newest version, but the Kodi 16 IPTV setting is considered to be one of the simplest. So the choice of which version to install depends on the user.
  2. To download and install the program, go to the official website of the media center, or by using any of these links:
By the way, be careful, because the minimum version of Android, which will work kodi - is Android 4.2.

Setting up Kodi 17 IPTV

Now let's talk about the most important stage - setting up kodi. If there is something to do wrong, then all previous efforts will be wasted. But the developers understand that with a program that is too complicated, few will want to work, so they simplified the process to the maximum. The instruction is as follows:
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  • Start the media center and turn on the TV function. It is done this way: "System-Settings-General-On" . Then a message appears, and you need to click on "OK" . Select "PVR IPTV Simple Client-Enable" ;
  • Connect to the Kodi playlist. Go to the "Configure" menu, specify the layout of the sheet (via a link from the Internet or locally). In the "path to M3U" we insert the link of the playlist;
  • The next step is to add a program schedule. Go to the "Properties of the PVR IPTV Simple Client" , then in the "EPG Settings" , and then "The Path to XML TV" , by entering the address without brackets;
  • Overload Kodi and wait a few seconds for the result. But you need to close all windows that are active on the device, otherwise the procedure will not be possible.
At the end of this procedure, information on the loading of programs and channels appears on the screen, or rather in the upper right and bottom corners. Then you can go to the main menu, where you will open a new item, which was not there before - the TV item.

KodI, as a media center for all occasions

Even at the stage when this media center was known as XBMC, users already had time to appreciate it thanks to its omnivorousness. It can play almost any video or audio format. Here are just a small part of its capabilities as related to IPTV, and not: 
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  • Reproduction of torrents even at the download stage;
  • The most convenient search;
  • A large number of trackers;
  • Application Manager;
  • The ability to do almost anything with your channel list.

After setting up IPTV, every second user stops at Kodi. The complex architecture of the module makes it invulnerable to failures and other troubles, so that the stored information is extremely rare. The main thing at the time of installation is to make everything right, and then the functionality of the media center will grow significantly.

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