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how to install iptv on smart tv for Samsung LG Brands

How to install IPTV on a Smart TV TV brand LG and Samsung

Where in one point of space converge TV with Smart functions and the cable of the digital broadcasting operator, IPTV is born. If this point is in your apartment, you're lucky: the next generation Internet TV is almost in your pocket. It remains to connect it, but ... how?

Each teleowner has its own nuances and cunnings. Today, let's talk about how to install IPTV on the Smart TV TV of the most common brands - LG and Samsung, and how to load playlists into it.

how to install IPTV on a Smart TV TV brand LG and Samsung

Preparatory stage

And so, you brought home a brand new Smart, turned on, connected the cable, and he ... broadcasts the normal channels in the most ordinary quality. What's the matter? Deceived in the store? No, it's not cheating. To watch IPTV, you need 2 things:
  • Contract with the operator on the connection of the service (it is not free, but available at cost). By the way, after his conclusion you can get access to free content.
  • A special application for viewing IP-TV channels. It is installed in the TV set. Most of these programs do not require payment.
On the first point, I think, no explanations are needed, and with one of the popular and freely distributed IPTV programs - Simple Smart IPTV (or SS IPTV ), we'll get to know you better. On her example, we will master the installation of IP-TV.

Install Simple Smart IPTV


T elevision LG support installation SS-IPTV two ways: directly from a TV and a USB-stick. In the first case, the television must be connected to the Internet , in the second case it is not necessary.
The first way:
  • Open the LG Smart World  application store (located in the " Home " menu )  and log in (or create a new account if it does not exist).
  • Enter the name of the program in the search. After it is found, click the " Install " button .
  • After installation, click Start .
for test playlists you dont have to look too much it is easy to find one on try:

you can have a look to free-iptv-samsung-smart-tv other tutorial about iptv on smart tv.

Installing Simple Smart IPTV on LG.
The second way:
  • Open LG Smart World in your computer's browser and download the program archive, then unzip and save it on a flash drive.
  • Connect the USB flash drive to the TV.
  • Open the Smart ribbon (by tapping " Home ") and go to " My Apps ".
Go to "My Apps" on LG.
  • Click on the USB icon, that is, select the USB flash drive as the installation source.
  • After opening the folder, click the Simple Smart IPTV icon. The application is installed in the TV's memory.
Installation of IPTV SS on LG with flash drives.


S -IPTV works on all Samsung Smart TVs, starting with the D series. Each series has differences in telemeneu, but the installation principle is everywhere similar, except for the J.
On models of series D, F, H, E and above:
  • Open the main menu and go to the " Smart Features " section .
  • In the right half of the box, select the option " Samsung Account ".

Installation of IPTV on Samsung.
  • If you do not already have an account in the Samsung Smart Hub store, click " Create " and start to follow the registration instructions. For the user name, write " develop " (this is important).
Next, you must set a password. Here the first differences appear:
  • For E-Series devices, enter 6 any characters in this field.
  • On TVs H and F-series, leave it blank.
After confirming the registration, go back to the " Smart Functions " menu and click " Open Smart Hub ".
Opening of Samsung Smatr Hub.
  • At the bottom of the application window, click " Add. application ".
  • On the next screen, open " Settings " and select the " IP setting " option .

Server connection.
  • In the appeared window, enter the IP-address of the server To enter, use the numeric keypad (the screen does not work here).
  • Then again go to the " Options " menu and click " Synchronization of user applications " (on models of some series the option is called so, on others - " Start App Sync ").
  • After synchronization, the SS-IPTV icon will appear in the " Additional applications " section .
On the J series:
  • After launching the web browser on your PC, open the Samsung Smart Hub store, log in and download the archive with the SS-IPTV program to your hard drive.
  • Take a suitable USB-stick, create on it a directory named " userwidget " and put the application in it. Preliminary unpacking of the archive is not needed.
  • Turn on the TV and connect the USB flash drive to any free socket. The IPTV access tool will be installed automatically.
To watch IP TV simply launch the program, find your provider in the list of service providers and load a playlist. By the way, in addition to pre-installed playlists, you can use your own.

for test playlists you dont have to look too much it is easy to find one on try:

you can have a look to free-iptv-samsung-smart-tv other tutorial about iptv on smart tv.

Loading playlists

S imple Smart IPTV gives users the ability to download playlists from both the program's website (internal) and from any other sources (external). The second one can have as many as you like and do with them whatever you want - edit, transfer to friends, upload them to free access, etc.
User playlists are stored in the " Settings " section and displayed on the screen as tiles. When you click on the tile at the bottom of the screen, a list of its TV channels opens.
Playlists on IPTV SS.
To download external (third-party) playlists, go to the " Content " section and open the sub-heading of the same name. To download the selected one to your TV, select it in the list and click " Add ". Name the sheet a friendly name and click Save .

Loading an external playlist.
To load an internal playlist, open the " General " section in the " Settings " and click the " Get code " button . The application will generate a one-time password, which you will enter when downloading. It remains relevant for 1 day after generation.
Get the code to download the internal playlist.
Then go to the SS IPTV site, open the " Playlist Editor " section , enter the code in the specified form and click " Add Device ".
the code entry form on the IPTV SS website.
Then open and save the document. After saving, a new tile called " My Playlist " appears in the " Settings " section . This is what you just downloaded.

for test playlists you dont have to look too much it is easy to find one on try:

you can have a look to free-iptv-samsung-smart-tv other tutorial about iptv on smart tv.
Using SS-IPTV as an example, it's easy to install other applications for IPTV. Differences will only be in the address of the download server (on Samsung) and other minor details, in which you can easily figure it out on your own.

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